Loving Laundry and E-Commerce

Loving Laundry is another example of a great client. There was a little bit of a misunderstanding at first. I needed to build a WordPress theme that would have multiple editable areas per page, and have a free e-commerce plugin so the site owner could sell these things called soap nuts. Turns out there is no good free e-commerce plugin. We ended up going with Shopp and the client couldn’t be happier. I had to do minimal changes (which Shopp has awesome documentation to do so) and we are now up and running.

The only free e-commerce solutions I could find was WP e-Commerce, which I have used else where. The other free plugins didn’t quite have the community behind WPE and they didn’t have the rating of WPE, although looking back 2.5 out of 5 isn’t all too good.

Shopp works well by itself, but there is also some rock star addons to extend its functionality. Kristi at Loving Laundry decided to go with a PayPal Pro and a USPS Rate addon. Shopp has PayPal integration by default, but if you have a PayPal Pro account, you’ll need that addon. The USPS Rate addon is the best $25 anybody could spend. It will integrate with the USPS API to have the user enter in a ZIP code to figure out the actual cost for shipping.